🗣️ Let's discuss: What's the best (or worst) booze brand tattoo you've ever seen?

Alcohol and life-changing decisions go together like toasters and bathtubs, which is why many tattoo parlors and artists have rules against tattooing visibly drunk patrons—or at least, say they do. Paradoxically, the life-changing decision of getting inked with one’s favorite alcohol brand’s logo is extremely sobering—or at least, it should be. And yet the world is absolutely crawling with glorious, astonishing, and cringe-inducing drinking-related tattoos. So!

What's the best (or worst) booze brand or booze-related tattoo you've ever seen?

I posted a variation of this question on Fingers’ Instagram the other day, and got lots of great/troubling responses. (Please follow Fingers on Instagram, it’s free and fun and it’ll make me feel good, which if you think about it, really is its own reward, isn’t it?) Now I’m opening up the discussion to the entire Fingers Fam, because between out of ~2300 people, at least a few of us must have seen some really wild shit. Let’s hear it!

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For what it’s worth: best/worst are completely in the eye of the beholder, and that beholder is you, so please explore the space. In other words, one man’s Baby Yoda/White Claw forearm piece is another man’s… well, still that, but he presumably feels differently about it! Also: I have no tattoos, because I am a flabby fellow by nature, and there isn’t a Mickey’s rebus in circulation that would look good splayed over these stretch marks.

Alright, that’s enough of a lead-in. See you in the bathtub comments!

P.S.: Discussion threads are typically only for paying Friends of Fingers but I’m opening this one up to everyone because I want to hear about some truly powerful alcohol ink. “Cast a wide net,” and so forth. If you haven’t yet, please consider buying a subscription to support the boozeletter!