Mar 1, 2022Liked by Dave Infante

Why hold breweries responsible? It's a good question with a difficult answer, as evidenced by the emotional debate on the International Beer Judges FB page that resulted in this declaration: https://www.beerguild.co.uk/news/international-beer-judges-announcement/

I can certainly see all points of view, including that of Russian breweries and beer writer Yuri Katunin, who are vehemently anti-Putin and wondering why they must be sanctioned for something they oppose. However, I am sure there are many anti-Putin Russian footballers who are now banned from international play, anti-Putin Russian businesses that are now sanctioned by the international community, and even anti-Putin Russian oligarchs whose bank accounts have now been frozen.

Unfortunately, the international decision to isolate Russia as a consequence of Putin's war mongering cannot have exceptions for those also opposed to his actions. Arguably the best chance for resolution of this war is regime change in Russia, and that only comes about if the general populace turns en masse against the current order. The infliction of economic and cultural pain is one means of encouraging that result, but it is not without unintended and, indeed, occasionally unjust consequences.

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