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fully heard the coors/keystone rumor while in college in Los Angeles. Also, used to drink Keystone regularly and the packaging CLEARLY said "30 Stones" but I never confused it for Arrogant Bastard.

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I was a bit bummed when Modern Times closed, but I was more bummed years ago when The Commons brewpub closed to cede to Modern Times. The Commons had some wicked yummy farmhouse ales and an outstanding grilled cheese sandwich with beets and housemade pickles.

Great Notion is innovative -- last week I was at one of my favorite pubs and the rep came in to pitch the blueberry muffin beer to the bartender. I blurted out "I'd buy that" and this week it arrived on the taplist. Hurray!

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Credit where credit is due: The *original* reporting is from @BiancaDBruno. You can follow her directly.

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