Oct 13, 2021 • 41M

"When Charleston chefs were out cooking, it was a deliberate thing: 'this is going to be our drink.'"

The Fingers interview with Hanna Raskin, editor/publisher of The Food Section

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Dave Infante
A podcast about drinking culture, being online, and beyond, hosted by Fingers founding editor Dave Infante. Featuring interviews with interesting people in the wide world of booze, expanded audio reads, and more.
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You know how moonshine used to be illegal but these days liquor stores sell fancy-looking Mason jars of the stuff right next to all the other booze, but in the rare event that you buy it just as a novelty, it still tastes terrible? Me too. Why is that?

So glad you asked. Today on The Fingers Podcast I’ve got an interview with friend, former editor, and fellow Charlestonian Hanna Raskin. Hanna is a James Beard award-winning reporter and food critic who worked for the past eight years at the local newspaper here in the Holy City. (She and I actually worked there together for about a year before I got laid off last August.) She’s had journeywoman’s career in the newspaper game, with stops at dailies and alt-weeklies in Mississippi, Seattle, Dallas, Asheville, Tucson, and probably some other places she’s never even bothered to tell me about. But suffice to say: Hanna be newspapering.

Except: not any more. A couple months ago, she left the Charleston newspaper to strike out on her own with …

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