THREAD: Ask not what you can do for Fingers, but what Fingers can do for you

It me, Mister Vaxx-a-million | Photo: Philly Bottles

Good morning from Fingers HQ! It’s me, your fearless Fingers editor Dave Infante. For those new subscribers who don’t know me—welcome, by the way!—I’m that husky mustache bathed in blacklight clutching a Narragansett you see above. Please always envision me this way. I’m a writer and journalist in Charleston, South Carolina, and I cover the beer business for VinePair.

Anyway! It’s been awhile since I’ve published a newsletter (I took a summer break, it was glorious, more details on that next week), and even longer since we’ve done a discussion thread. So I’d like to hear from subscribers, old and new, on the topic of *drumroll please* this very boozeletter!!! Specifically:

What do you want out of Fingers?

Allow me to elaborate. Over the past year-plus, I’ve published investigations into beer companies’ political contributions, freewheeling blogs about The Brands, and interviews with interesting people in/adjacent to the business of booze. (I’ve even dabbled in audio a bit, and it hasn’t totally sucked!) Most of the time, that coverage here has hewed pretty close to the American beer business, because it’s what I know the best, but I’ve also written about other shit I find interesting, from Amazon’s bizarre union-busting website to drinking-related cop schlock for sale on Etsy, to the forever implosion of the media business.

I guess what I’m wondering is… do you like any of that stuff? All of it? Some specific portions of it? Going into the fall, I’m hoping to get Fingers back on a more regular publishing schedule, and when I do, I’d like to try to incorporate elements of coverage that you, my beautiful and infallibly intelligent Friends of Fingers, want more of. To do that, I need to know what you want more of, includingsuchasforexample:

  • Original interviews with interesting drunks, hunks, and Belgian monks (the beer-making ones, at least)

  • Beverage business coverage aggregation, but in like, a not-boring way

  • Feature stories and reporting on labor conditions, marketing chicanery, political contributions, and other industry and cultural coverage

  • Podcast versions of my articles and interviews, because you hate reading

  • A Discord server so we can hang out online and share White Claw memes with each other

And so on, and so forth. Comment below with any ideas/suggestions/requests/demands, and I’ll respond. No wrong answers. I’d love to hear from you! — Dave.