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Bonus pod - Craft Beer's "99% Asshole-Free" Myth

Bonus pod - Craft Beer's "99% Asshole-Free" Myth

A read of last week's newsletter, and the introduction of The Fingers Podcast
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Last week at Fingers, I published an essay about one of the most enduring and annoying myths in American craft beer: that the industry is 99% asshole-free. If you missed it, the story is live on the site, and you’re welcome to read it… OR you could listen to me read it and offer additional commentary on it in the first-ever episode of The Fingers Podcast!

This is my first solo podcast episode, and I edited it myself, so I’m really curious to hear what you think of it.1 I know the audio quality is not superb but it’s listenable, I think, and I’ll get better as we go. Comment your reactions—good, bad, whatever!—via the button below. I would truly appreciate some feedback.

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