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[Bonus pod] The culture wars come for Chardonnay

[Bonus pod] The culture wars come for Chardonnay

A Fingers audio read, summer book report + more

Today I’ve got an audio read of the Fingers newsletter published 8/30/21, “The culture wars come for Chardonnay.”1 For the past few bonus pods, I’ve just read the lead essay from a given edition, but this time around I tested out doing the lead essay plus other items, to give it a little bit more of a newsletter feel and a longer runtime, to make it more “worth it” for you to queue up while you’re slugging Madeira and dusting off your Waterford crystal stemware. Or… whatever it is you do when you’re not reading Fingers. None of my business!

The culture wars come for Chardonnay
You’ve probably heard of the “conservative coffee” boom/grift, in which roasters and even retail locations use right-wing culture war tropes to market themselves to conservatives who feel alienate…
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But seriously: I’m really enjoying experimenting with audio storytelling lately, and production quality aside—I’m still learning!—I hope you’re enjoying listening to them, too. In one of our recent open discussion threads, Friends of Fingers had some great suggestions for how to shape and expand The Fingers Podcast, and more audio reads was one of ‘em. So I’ll be doing these more regularly, plus cooking up some new approaches for your listening pleasure, too. If you have suggestions, please comment on this post:

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I’d love to hear from you. But enough about what I want! If you want to hear this bonus pod, you can listen using the player above, or subscribe to The Fingers Podcast on Apple and Spotify to get it, and all future episodes, directly through your preferred podcast app.


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Did you know Fingers is on Instagram? Fingers is on Instagram! Ive been posting stories there casually for the past year, but have lately been ramping up on that sweet, sweet OC (“original content,” in the parlance.)

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📚 The Fingers Reading Room summer book report

Like books? Want to support Fingers? Shop The Fingers Reading Room! I have a Bookshop store to catalog my personal reading list and give fellow book-lovers a place to shop the titles I’m reading.2 In the future, I’ll be publishing interviews with authors who have written some of the books you’ll find here, as I’ve already done with authors Jason Diamond, Benjamin Lorr, and Allyson Brantley, Ph.D.

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Some of the books I read this summer:

Some of these titles are about drinking directly or indirectly, and some have nothing to do with it. I contain multitudes, people! If you’ve got recommendations for books that should be on my list for the future, sound off in the comments below.


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