Discuss: what was your "blackout Wednesday" experience?

In the hearts and livers of washed-up high school heroes across the country, the night before Thanksgiving has long been relished as an opportunity to get obliterated at hometown bars with old friends in a bid to relive glory days (real or imagined) (imagined.) Some people—including the Wall Street Journal-ists giggling their way through this deeply cringe 2011 video report—call this seminal event “blackout Wednesday.”

Personally, this was never a big thing for me: I think the worst situation I ever found myself in on Thanksgiving eve was drinking $8 Harps in a nuts-to-butts packed faux Irish bar in Morristown, NJ, and wondering whether it was too late to text my mom for a pity ride home. But maybe your experience was different!

What was blackout Wednesday like where you grew up? Did you go out? Was the scene sad, or fun, or fun because of how sad it was? Did you get housed at a Chili’s and try to make out with your ex-boyfriend from sophomore year who has a kid now?

Given that the coronavirus pandemic rages on, I truly hope no Friends of Fingers are planning to go out tonight. but that doesn’t mean we can’t safely reminisce about blackout Wednesdays of yore. So let’s!