Mar 15, 2022Liked by Dave Infante

Up until this precise moment I have been blissfully unaware of Happy Dad. (I watched that ad you linked and threw up a bit in my mouth.) I wonder, though, how this might spill over as an impact on the hard seltzer category as a whole. I mean, we already had the 'Ain't no laws' crowd, and I see a headline about White Claw's possible white supremacy problem directly below this comment box, so I wonder how far a stretch it might be for seltzer in general, rather than Reactionary Dad in particular, to become the unofficial beverage of the looney right?

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I do think that there's something specific about hard seltzer, not compositionally so much as culturally. I've dug into this before with branding and sociology types... basically my hypothesis comes down to the fact that since its a cipher of a product, the loudest/most provocative players are able to project their ideology onto it a lot more seamlessly than products with backstory/tradition/heritage/etc. Certainly feels like what's going on here, to some extent.

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