THREAD: Who should the next Fingers interview be?

Potential future Fingers interviewees.

The American drinking landscape is positively crawling with fascinating characters with things to say. My mission as your fearless Fingers editor is to give them an independent platform to say those things. To that end, I’ve regularly published in-depth conversations with the interesting people that I come across in my reporting, from gay bar archivists, to Coors boycott historians, to brewery workers unionizing for better working conditions. You can find all those interviews here:

The complete Fingers interview archive
Welcome to the complete Fingers interview archive. There’s probably a better way to put all my interviews in one place using Substack (the platform on which you’re reading these words) but I don’t know how to do that. So instead, here’s a list of links to all the interviews I’ve published for Fingers. Articles are ordered most-to-least recent, and I’ll …
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Now I’d like to know: who would you like to see Fingers interview next? Name your dream interviewee below, and I may line ‘em up for a future Fingers discussion. There are no wrong answers, but generally speaking, I’m looking for people who don’t often get interviewed but have unique perspective on the business, culture, and/or consumption of alcohol that will resonate with a national audience.

But I’m also extremely prepared to break these vague guidelines for the right subjects, because who cares, it’s my boozeletter, I can do what I want. Got someone cool you want to see interviewed in Fingers? Comment now! Happy Friday, pals. — Dave.