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Fingers is an independent newsletter by me, Dave Infante, about drinking culture, being online, and beyond, read by thousands of people each week. It’s a smart, funny, and utterly unorthodox mix of award-winning journalism, interviews, and cultural criticism about how, what, and why we drink—and the money, power, and politics that shape the answers to those questions.

With each edition of Fingers, you’ll get new, thought-provoking, original coverage of some vital aspect of drinking in America, unsoftened by mainstream publishers’ “brand safety” concerns, and unbought by the booze business advertising dollars they’re concerned about in the first place.

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  • “Dave is one of my favorite newsletter writers. I started reading him last year when I saw one of his beer memes.”—Lyz Lenz, 3x author and publisher of Men Yell at Me

  • “Dave is the best beer writer in America. Smart, informed, funny, and occasionally outraged. He’s equal parts enthusiast and gadfly, and well worth a few measly bucks a month.” — Joe Keohane, journalist, editor, and author of The Power of Strangers

  • “Fingers… is largely focused on the spirits and drinking world, but it’s also got a very healthy muckraking streak to it, and reports on a lot of labor issues in the beverage industry that anyone who cares about working conditions will find fascinating whether or not you know what a double IPA is which I still do not to be honest.” — Luke O’Neil, Welcome to Hell World

  • “As beer writing (and craft beer itself) seemingly gets more boring with each passing year, Dave somehow manages to continually produce a beer business newsletter that is wildly entertaining and totally subversive. How does he do it?!” — Aaron Goldfarb, drinks reporter and author of Hacking Whiskey, Gather Around Cocktails, and more

  • “The content is good.” — Kate Bernot, beer reporter and editor, Good Beer Hunting and Craft Beer & Brewing

  • “A particularly astute and hilarious reporter who covers drinking culture, being online, and beyond.” — Austin L. Ray, Georgia Brewsletter

  • “David Infante’s free and highly entertaining newsletter about beery matters.” — Stan Hieronymus, Appellation Beer

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