My money's on High-C (Hi-C with THC) or Capri-Sun just putting booze in the stab-packs and calling it a day. What I'd really like to see is those Mondo drinks with the plastic twist-caps get, ahem, juiced up.

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Via email from an anonymous reader:

"My take on this is Gen Z who I’m in med school with are drinking waaaaaay less than we did so these brands are appealing to older gens with nostalgia. I mean you weren’t living in the 90s if you weren’t drinking “the Dew”. They all have enough deep pockets to fight against anyone going after them. In other words, bring it. They don’t care. Meanwhile, craft bev brands (of any kind) can’t afford the legal woes (though that still doesn’t stop some companies) the big brands can while using it to advance their brands. It’s working. Gone are the days of displaying your C&D in the tasting rooms. So I think the big brands will take advantage of the situation as long as they can and the margins are wide enough."

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