What's the best booze (ish) book you've read lately?

Dean Martin reading author Robert Cameron’s bestseller, The Drinking Man’s Diet | Source: Timeline

Hello and welcome to The Fingers Reading Room. I’m your fearless Fingers editor and fellow besotted bookworm, Dave Infante, with a simple question for you:

What are some of the best booze (or booze-adjacent, or general food/drink) books you’ve read lately?

As you (hopefully) know, Fingers has a shoppable Bookshop page where I catalog all the books I’ve read since starting this project to, plus a bunch more that I’m planning to read at some point when life allows. Some recent favorites of mine:

I’m also currently chipping away at Girly Drinks by Mallory O’Meara, and Champagne Widows by Rebecca Rosenberg.

With the holidays coming up, broken supply chains and insufferable travel (that will probably break me) are both very much on my mind. I’m looking to stock up on some readily available, new-to-me books to distract me from the agony of delayed flights and slightly constrained consumerism, and I figured others in the Fingers Fam may be doing the same.

So! If you’ve read something great in the general vicinity of booze—fiction or non; new or old; alcohol-focused or just generally in the orbit of food & drink—please share your recommendation in the comments!

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Quick bit of housekeeping: if you’re a publicist for a book you genuinely like, or an author recommending your own, that’s fine, but please disclose that in your comment.

Looking forward to hear what you’ve been reading!—Dave.